The city of Carrabelle and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) are committed to safe sidewalks and crosswalks. An extensive sidewalk system provides an outlet for communities to overcome a lifetime habit of not walking. When people are seen walking, others are motivated to join in. Sidewalks encourage wellness among our active seniors, offer a safe place for our families with children to exercise and move about through neighborhoods, and promote a sense of community among all citizens.

Carrabelle has recently undertaken several projects to demonstrate this commitment including:

• Extending its main sidewalk system in the spring of 2015 to include three additional blocks that now connect the main system to the new 12th Street Fishing Pier. This project was funded by Carrabelle’s CRA.

• Earlier this year the CRA funded construction of a new sidewalk at the 4th Street Boat Ramp Facility, leading to the future location of a Big Bend Scenic Byway educational kiosk at the river’s edge.

• Upcoming improvements to Sands Park will include an approximately 2,000-foot multimodal asphalt sidewalk around the pond. Funded by a $100,000 FRDAP grant, construction of this project will begin in the next few months.

• The FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) recently permitted the city and CRA to construct a new crosswalk across U.S. 98. This crosswalk is designed to provide safe pedestrian access between Carrabelle’s Veterans Park and the 4th Street Boat Ramp Facility. Construction on this project will begin by the end of the year.

• Carrabelle further committed to extending its sidewalk system by submitting a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) application in the amount of $650,000 which I am happy to announce was awarded a couple weeks ago. The CRA has leveraged an additional $310,000 to the revitalization project with plans including 10 blocks of sidewalk connecting to the main system and the soon-to-be constructed U.S. 98 crosswalk.

• Through an FDOT grant, approximately two miles of sidewalk are scheduled for construction in mid-2017. This project will extend north from downtown Carrabelle along County Road 67 to the Lake Morality Road area.

Our residents and visitors are encouraged to use the many miles of city sidewalks currently available and the planned extensions. Enjoy our pleasant fall weather, meet your neighbors, and promote self-wellness.

Brenda La Paz

Carrabelle Mayor