Scores of children flocked to see Santa in Eastpoint Friday.

A robust parade opened the afternoon down U.S. 98. Then it was off to the Eastpoint Pavilion 

As always, Santa arrived in an oysterboat. Special thanks go to Chuck Hajek who made sure Santa arrived safely at the Eastpoint Pavilion.

The Divas in partnership with Bring Me a Book Franklin reported distributing 225 volumes to children fifth grade and younger; just one book short of the tally on Black Friday in Apalachicola where a hefty portion of the tots were visitors.

The Eastpoint crowd was mostly local.

Kelly Rowland of St. George Island is in training to become one of Santa’s full-time elves. She baked scores of gorgeous cupcakes for the kiddies of the island and Eastpoint. They looked too good to be true but they tasted great.

Youngsters also received Yoohoo and cookies during their visit to St. Nick.

Each child also received an age appropriate toy. When she saw the huge line of Santa’s supplicants, Dottye Thornburg, also in elf mode, expressed concern that the 300 gifts purchased through the generosity of individuals and Eastpoint businesses might not be enough. But the swag was sufficient in the end.

There were carolers led by Liz Sisung and the weather was perfect making this an Eastpoint Yule celebration to remember.