Editor’s note: The following poem was written by Debbie Hooper, in celebration of the silver anniversary of Penny’s Worth, and submitted in honor of an upcoming birthday this Monday, Dec. 12.


Volunteer at Penny’s Worth

and experience the joy I do

every Wednesday at 10 a.m.


I open up with Kay to greet Jessie,

our best customer, who shops for

treasures at least three times a day.


We all know what she is looking for

and even save things for her. She

buys for everyone she knows!


And last year she went on a cruise

packing her suitcase with fashionable

Penny’s Worth clothing.


What a wonderful time she had!


Each shift we see more

friends and meet new ones.


Usually the new ones stay for hours

exploring all of Penny’s Worth!


Like Jessie they don’t want to

miss anything.


If you haven’t ever come, stop by

at 195 Avenue E, Hwy 98 between

15th and 16th Streets in Apalachicola.


Once you catch the treasure discovery

thrill you’ll come again and again.


To make it even more often, sign up

with Myra or T for a spot that needs

filling. Volunteering is its own treasure.


The training is easy and the time goes

by quickly. Take care of sales or learn to

price out the bargains and be a bright

spot to all who enter.


You will be glad you did.


Happy birthday, Jessie!