One year after approval, the much-needed roadway resurfacing projects have begun in Carrabelle.

Projects in Carrabelle to be funded in County Commissioner Cheryl Sanders’ District #2 er) include resurfacing the entire length of Southeast Avenue C, new paving construction of SE Third Street from SE Ave D to SE Ave F, and patching of repairs on SE 12th Street and Owens Avenue.

Projects in Carrabelle to be funded in County Commissioner William Massey’s District #5 include resurfacing of the entire length of NW Avenue F, NW Ninth St from U.S. 98 to Ryan Drive, and NW Eighth St from Ave D to Ave F.

City of Carrabelle funded projects include resurfacing of NW Avenue E from Tallahassee Street to West First Street, NW First Street from Avenue E to Avenue G, NW Fourth St from Avenue D to Avenue F, the northern half of NW Sixth St, and NW Seventh Street from Avenue F to Avenue G. Each project listed here is funded with local option gasoline tax which may be allocated only for road repairs and improvements.

Carrabelle’s Community Redevelopment Agency will fund the resurfacing of Marine Street, SE Avenue E to SE Third St, and the Fourth Street Boat Ramp, all currently underway. The CRA has allocated funding for resurfacing of NW Avenue B from West Third St to Ryan Drive in the next 10 to 12 months. By Florida statute, the CRA may fund projects only within the CRA District. All these paving projects, combined with the CRA’s recent resurfacing of SE Avenue B, add up to thousands of tons of new asphalt on Carrabelle roadways, many of which have not been resurfaced in 40 years.

Engineers for these various projects are Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inovia Consulting Group, and Preble-Rish Consulting Engineers.

The amount of “red-tape” associated with roadway projects can seem insurmountable at times, but the job is getting done! Give the contractors a couple of weeks to complete their work, then take a drive around the city of Carrabelle to enjoy these new roadway improvements.