During the week of March 18 to 24, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers Robb and Nelson were working the Eastpoint area when they observed a subject return to shore in an oyster boat.

The officers watched as the subject was met by another individual in a vehicle. The subject then unloaded two bags of oysters and placed them in the bed of the truck and proceeded to the check station. A short time later, the subjects returned to the vessel and retrieved a third bag of oysters and placed them in the bed of the truck. The subject then combined his two bags of oysters that were checked and placed one of the tags on his third bag of oysters.

Robb and Nelson approached the subject and identified themselves as law enforcement. After a short interview, the subject admitted to avoiding the check station with the third bag. The third bag contained 23 percent undersized oysters. The subject was charged with possession of undersized oysters, possession of untagged oysters and avoiding the check station.

 Officer Hughes was on patrol when he observed a vessel heading toward a public boat ramp. After the operator docked the vessel, Hughes made contact with the operator to conduct a boating safety inspection. While conducting the boating safety inspection of the vessel, the officer observed that the individual appeared to have been fishing. He asked the individual if he had caught anything while fishing. The individual stated he had caught some grunts and black sea bass. After conducting a resource inspection, the officer located undersized black sea bass and undersized gray triggerfish in the individual’s possession. Appropriate warnings and citations were issued.

Robb and Nelson were working the Eastpoint area when they observed a vehicle occupied by two individuals leaving the oyster check station. When leaving, the vehicle turned north towards a residential neighborhood instead of going directly to the fish house. The officers followed the vehicle to a residence where the driver exited the vehicle and retrieved a bag of oysters from a vessel parked on the property. The officers approached the subjects and located an untagged bag of oysters in the bed of the truck. The officers also located a small amount of cannabis and paraphernalia inside the vehicle. Both individuals were issued citations and warnings for the violations.