Seventy years ago in April 1946 most of the boys were home from the war and things were getting back to normal. Everyone was excited about the creation of a new baseball league that would be populated by former GIs. The ‘Baby Boom” was underway.

Army Day, a holiday some of us have never heard of, promised a big celebration at Tyndall field and the Aero club was flying over for the fun.

Our Chasing Shadows question for this week: Does anybody have a picture of the 1946 Gulf Coast League teams from Apalachicola and Carrabelle? If you can help, please contact the Times at 653-8868 or Lois Swoboda at

First Baseball Club in Years Is Organized Here Tuesday Night

Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Blountstown, Port       St. Joe, Panama City, Wewahitchka to form Gulf Coast League

Baseball lovers of this section will be interested to learn that Apalachicola and Carrabelle will represent FranklinCounty in the newly planned GulfCoast League. With Blountstown, Port       St.Joe, Panama City and Wewahitchka being the other teams comprising the league.

At a meeting held here last Tuesday evening W. F. Randolph was elected president of the Apalachicola club. B.J. Tarantino was elected treasurer; Fred Richards, secretary and Directors are G. Rodman Porter, Bob Nedley and Mayor Loren Owens.

The Transportation Committee is composed of C. H. Witherspoon, M. Brash, L. G. Buck, Charles Robinson, Bob Nedley, IkieWade, Corrie Henricksen, J. G. Bruce, Nick George, Raymond Anderson and Angelo Taranto.

Publicity Committee - Arthur David Core.

Finance Committee - T. J. Hicks, Bob Nedley, A. V. Henson, L. G. Buck, F. T. Gordon, Bourke Floyd and Jay Shuler.

Park Committee - G. Rodman Porter, Gene Austin, Billy Buzzett.

All persons having baseball uniforms in their possession are urged to turn them in to T. J. Bush for redistribution.

It was pointed out by Fred Richards, chairman of the committee to organize a club here from the Jaycees that the league would be strictly amateur and no player would receive any salary or other compensation for their serving as players.

The principal item facing the club at this time is procurement of uniforms and other baseball equipment and it is expected that donations will be asked by the Finance Committee from interested merchants and businessmen here.

It is said that baseball lovers in this countytake their baseball seriously and dearly love the sport, so the purchasing of uniforms and equipment should not be a problem.

The teams representing the league will play two games each week and it is expected that one of the games will be played on Wednesday afternoon and the other date of the games will be ironed out at the meeting this Saturday night when players and citizens meet in the Jaycee hall.

Proceeds from the gate receipts will be used to defray traveling expenses of the club and no doubt there will be a big turn out at the opening game here, since no games have been played since the beginning of hostilities when most of the players were inducted into the service.

Don’t forget the meeting this Saturday night at 8 o’clock.

What is wrong with Florida

Nothing is wrong with Florida except that entirely too many of us get up in the morning at the alarm of a Connecticut clock and button a pair of Ohio suspenders to a pair of Chicago pants, then put on a pair of Massachusetts shoes, wash in a Pittsburgh basin, using Cincinnati soap, after which we sit down to a Grand Rapids table and eat pancakes made from Minneapolis flour spread with Vermont syrup.

Then we eat Kansas City bacon or Virginia ham fried on a St. Louis stove, fruit put up in California seasoned with Rhode Island spices and sweetened with Louisiana sugar; then put on a hat made in Philadelphia, climb into a Detroit car fed with Oklahoma, Texas or Arkansas gas, send our money to Ohio for tires and then wonder why we pay $1.00 taxes to drive on paved roads.

Then at night we crawl under a New Jersey blanket to be kept awake all night by a mongrel Florida dog the only home product on the place and wonder at the time where the “Sam Hill” all our money goes.

New cleaning plant to open here Monday

James Daly, a native Apalachicola boy and John V. Sherlock, a native of New Orleans, the husband of the former Miss Vivian Marshall are announcing this issue the opening of their new plant, the Modern Cleaners, which will begin operation next Monday, April 8, in the old tent factory building on Water Street.

The owners of the new plant purchased the equipment from Welch Cleaners in Carrabelle and this new concern plans to take care of the needs of particular customers all over the section.

They will have associated with them L. J. “Jimmy”Barintos as chief cleaner and presser who has had many years of experience specializing in town craft work in San Francisco.

The new plant contains the very best for dry cleaning work and has four pressing machines which can turn out an enormous amount of work in a short time.

Mr. Daly stated this week that they would give 3-day service and one-day service with a small additional cost, also a discount for work brought to the plant and called for.

The new concern will also have a pick-up and delivery service and it is planned to call at many homes during this weekend.

Associated with the new concern will be five men and two ladies to handle all phases of the work including alterations, repairing and even a button service for its customers.

Mr. Daly and Mr. Sherlock are both veterans of WorldWar II, the former being a Chief Warrant Officer with 20 months spent overseas and Mr. Sherlock was discharged as a Major with a long record of overseas service.

We ask that you read their advertisement for further information.

Civilians and Fliers Invited

The commanding officer of Tyndall Field has extended an invitation to Aero Club members as well as civilian fliers and aviation enthusiasts from Apalachicola and other towns in this section to be guests of honor at the Officer’s club Saturday night, April 6, Army Day celebration and dance that evening and many are expected to attend.

The fliers are expected to land either at the CityAirPark or the MunicipalAirport and not Tyndall field. The Aero club will be hosts and will furnish transportation to the visiting fliers and for overnight accommodations visitors are asked to contact Mr. Johnny Reaver at the MunicipalAirport at phone number 393.

Highlights of the day will be a parade down Harrison Avenue tentatively set for Saturday morning. In addition to the 500 soldiers from Tyndall field various civic organizations, the State Highway Patrol, American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars will be among the local organizations taking part.

Tyndall field will hold open house throughout the day and many types of special equipment, heretofore secret, are expected to be on display and a tour of installations will be arranged and civilian visitors will have the opportunity to learn something first hand about the life of the American soldier. Contests with prizes will also be held.

Baby Show at Fair

Now is the time to register your baby from six months to four years of age for the big baby show at the annual fair at the armory.

This event will be held Thursday afternoon, April 25 at 5 o’clock and the lucky baby will receive the grand prize.

There will be not entrance fee, votes nor admission charges for the show.

It is hoped that the majority of Franklincountybabies will be entered and entries from GulfCountywill be welcomed.

Register your baby with Mrs. J. O. Mahon or after 6 p.m. at phone 84 or with Mrs. W. L. McCormick at phone 57 or 127.

News from Carrabelle

As reported by the Witherspoons

Baseball weather

The first week of April brings spring weather and all are happy over the change. The lovers of baseball are happy to see this kind of weather and this class of sport get underway. The school team played their first game of the season with Wewahitchka on Monday of this week and won it by a close score of 9 to 8. The boys are going nicely and no doubt with a little practice and experience are going to have a good team. On Tuesday night a nice bunch got together at the school house to organize the town team that will take part in the GulfCoast League. We are told this league will compose six teams and no doubt play two games per week. The boys are to have their first practice on Sunday afternoon and it is hoped that all prospective players will be out for a good workout. As we move along we will publish more as to officials and start of the playing season but in the meantime let’s all pull together and assist the boys wherever needed and we know our boys are going to give us some good games.

New Arrival

We are glad to mention the arrival of a new citizen when a daughter was born to Mrs. Andy Brooks the former Ruby Jetton at St. Joe hospital on March 20. The babe weighed 6 ½ lbs and has been named Angeline. Both mother and baby are doing nicely and of course Wood is happy over his first grandbaby.

Camp will soon close

It seems from reports given us that CampGordon Johnston will blow that farewell whistle on the last day of this month. We are told that all civilian employees left have received written notice that their services will no longer be needed after April 30. The military personnel also state that all activity will be over by that time. Many of us will long remember CampGordon Johnston.