A well-known group of cats needs a new place to hang their hats.

The nursery located in Apalachicola at 147 Commerce Street has long been home to a group of about a dozen cats. Jenny Billings and Vickie Inguagiato have cared for the animals since Garden’s Inc. closed several years ago.

Now, a new tenant moving into the spot doesn’t want the cats to remain because they will have a resident dog that is not cat-friendly.

Billings and Inguagiato are looking for homes for the cats. All of the cats, nine females and one male, are vaccinated and neutered. Inguagiato and Billings say five of the cats are socialized and friendly; they hope those cats will be adopted by private homes or businesses.

The other five are not sufficiently tame to be house cats. Inguagiato and Billings hope to find a new feeding site for these cats somewhere near the nursery.

The colony is comprised of typical Apalachicola felines, tuxedo cats, calicos and tabbies.

If you can offer a home to one of the nursery cats or could become a feeding site for the colony, please call Jenny Billings at 653-3153. – By LOIS SWOBODA