Many of you have noticed the capsized boat in front of C-Quarters has been removed from the CarrabelleRiver.  Rob Powis began the vessel removal project back in October of 2014.  It was long and complicated and required meeting and communicating with several government entities for approval; securing legal documentation, authorizations, and agreements; hiring an experienced underwater diver & assistant to complete the actual work; organizing disposal of water-logged boat; and obtaining funding for the project for which Peter had to be robbed to pay Paul. 

The Waterfront Partnership Group volunteered administrative services for the project.  Legal services were donated.  In-kind services for disposal were donated.  During the actual retrieval process, a trade of favors was negotiated by the crew hired to remove the boat and the crew operating the barge that happened to be nearby, carrying a truck with crane.  Without charge, the truck and crane were used to assist with up righting the capsized vessel, a 21-foot Bayliner. The boat was towed to a boat ramp, and moved ashore for disposal.

Removal of derelict and sunken vessels is not simple.  Certain procedures must be strictly followed.  The agency or persons completing the removal must accept all responsibility including, but not limited to, possible damages to personal property and equipment, personal injury, and hazardous spills. The contractor removing a vessel must be fully insured.  Derelict vessel removal is an expensive and serious undertaking and most of the time is left up to the FWC. 

With all that being said, I do want to thank Rob, the Waterfront Partnership for assisting and donating $200 toward the cause, and all those who contributed in-kind services.  The Carrabelle Waterfront Partnership is accepting donations to help pay for vessel removal costs.