Long live our king, Bob Dietz and God save our queen Dot Bless. Even though had two local events on the same day, things went well for both.

The Camp Gordon Johnston Days breakfast at Hog Wild Barbeque on March 12, the parade and later on Saturday night, at the Franklin County Senior Center was the dinner dance.

The stroll and hot dogs and the crowning of the king and queen at Chillas Hall Saturday and the corned beef covered dish on Sunday, March 13 were all well attended. Don’t know about the Pine Cone Kick-off. The man who broke the record with a 79-foot kick, who’s first name was Jerry took off without giving us his last name. If you are Jerry or know who he is please contact the Times at 653-8868 or Lois Swoboda At lswoboda@starfl.com.

The Kick-off was in memory of our late friend, Randy Harrison.

We were joined at the covered dish by the honorable Pinki Jackel. Pinki is our Supervisor of Elections and she reminded us of how important it is to cast our vote.

Thanks to our faithful volunteers and to those who supported them.

Friday and Sunday we will be at Camp Gordon Johnston American Legion Post 82 for hamburgers, chips and pizza after 5 p.m. Call in orders to go at 697-9998.

Saturday, March 19, you know where to be, at Lanark Village Boat Club enjoying a good full breakfast. Serving is from 9 to 11 a.m. Your donation of $5 will be collected inside the door. See ya later!

Attention ladies, don’t forget you can use your Easter Bonnet all day Easter Sunday and again Saturday April 7, watching the Kentucky Derby and sipping your mint julep.

Be kind to one another, remember, and check in on the sick and housebound.

Until next time, God bless America and our troops, the poor, homeless and hungry.