Roger Dale Mathis II, of Apalachicola, and Samantha Marie Fortunas, of St. George Island, along with their families, would like to announce their marriage.

Roger is a local charter captain and Samantha instructs paddleboard lessons and teaches beach yoga for her business Island Fit SUP.

Roger and Samantha tied the knot under a beautiful live oak in the backyard of the bride’s grandparents, Mary and Joseph Fortunas, in Tallahassee in the late mid-morning of Saturday, May 2, 2020.

Samantha's brother, Jacob Fortunas, officiated the wedding with the help of close family friend and notary, Ronnie Wallace, whose tea-length vintage wedding dress Samantha adorned.

The father of the groom, Roger Mathis Sr. played the acoustic guitar as the mother of the groom, Barbara Mathis, accompanied her son down the aisle, followed by the couple’s niece Charlotte Mathis and nephew Robert Declan Mathis; the couple's son Rush Downing Fortunas Mathis aside his second cousin, Harper Grace Register; and then her mother, Amanda McCartney, the first cousin of the bride.

The mother of the bride, Andrea Fortunas, and father of the bride, Daniel Fortunas, lovingly gave their daughter to be joined in matrimony and take the Mathis name.

The newlyweds then cut homemade buttercream and raspberry-filled wedding cake baked by local pastry chef, Sally Crown, of Cafe Con Leche. They danced their first dance under the oaks to the tune of a handwritten love song played on the guitar by the father of the groom. They then were sent away under a shower of rice.

The romantic and intimate elopement-style ceremony was all the couple could ever dream of for a wedding, aside from not being able to have All of their family and friends in attendance.

The family circle includes the groom's grandparents, Sallie Paul and Allen Paul, of Apalachicola, and grandmother Alice Lolley, of Eastpoint; the groom’s son, Ridge Dawson Mathis, who lives in Canada; the bride’s sister-in-law Marcella Fortunas; and close friend David Wallace, husband of Ronnie Wallace.

The newlyweds are registered on