The Battle the Virus project began March 22 and continues today. Over 1,700 masks have been cut, over 1,200 sewed, and probably over 1,000 distributed to friends, family members, neighbors, medical/health professionals, hospice volunteers and workers, City of Apalachicola employees, Conservation Corps members, hospitality workers, mail and delivery carriers, and people along the way who needed them.

I wish I could share with you all the thanks we have received from the people who understand the seriousness of the work we are doing. This project could not have been done and cannot continue without our volunteers. Please accept my gratitude, and the gratitude of all the people who these masks will help save. Our wonderful community has once again risen to the need of its people.

With many of our 20-plus volunteers headed north for a while, it is time to slow the production of masks, and look toward to what will in all likelihood happen next. We still have approximately 40 Sewer's Packs, (cut fabric pieces and elastic for 25 masks) ready to be sewn, and some masks left for folks in need who do not access to masks.

We are discussing more phases for the project; a series of summer sewing classes open to all but geared toward high school students and seniors, and a second round of mask making in the fall. However, in order to continue we need an idea if there is an interest in learning to sew, assisting in teaching sewing classes, sewing masks, contributing materials or assisting this project, next month, this summer and into the fall.

Again my thanks to everyone who has helped this happen. Stay safe, and please don't forget your mask anytime you are out of your bubble of safety.

Leslie McWilliams