The Forgotten Coast Parrot Head Club has selected its 2019 Parrot Heads of the Year, as well as its board members for 2020, as they plan for a very busy year, with the Forgotten Coast, as always, the biggest benefactor.

In first photo,, board members are front row, from left, Co-Captain Allison Moore, Co-Captain Brenda Coles, Member-at-Large Gail Miller, and Booty Keeper Mark Shields, Back row, from left, Co-First Mate Jeff Moore, Co-First Mate Steve Coles, Member-at-Large Nancy Hodgson, and Member-at-Large Rick Miller. Not pictured is Log Keeper Jo Ellen Pearman.

The other photo features the 2019 Parrot Heads of the Year, Harvey and Mary Schoonmaker, at right, and the 2019 Co-Captains Steve Coles and Jeff Moore, at left.