Here's to the amazing Tamara,

At last who is justifiably free,

Of the dreaded debilitating disease

Known to all you and to me.

A fierce human rights defender,

Who led whatever she often spoke,

She championed always freedom

And at the laggards did consistently poke.

A bold woman I for decades beheld,

Ruled by strong belief and never fears,

Whether food, dance, drink or politic,

She blossomed forth for many years.

She's taught well her son and daughter

Son-in-law and grandkids, too,

They serve in sunshine and storm turmoil

And show love wherever due.

So now in celebration of a life

Fully and determinedly led,

I honor her and her full family,

And never to forget her I do pledge!

Melicent Remy

Feb. 2, 2020