"In the dark of a new moon, a shadowy figure passes a cryptic note beneath my door. 'They're coming for you.' But why? Engraved with the Agnusdei family crest and the initials C. A., the note points to the estranged family of my mother, and so I am bound for New Orleans.

"I am Olivia, and my mother is Pearl. She is my world and I love her dearly, but I know she hides dark secrets. It is in these pages I record the events of 1886." - From Mother of Pearl by Michael Kinnett

Please join Mike Kinnett, the former Orman House historian and author of “Apalachicola Pearl” and “Apalachicola Gold” when he debuts the eagerly-awaited final volume of his trilogy at Downtown Books this Saturday, Dec. 7, from 1 to 3 p.m.