This is the Seahawk Artistry feature

Kindergarten through third grade Seahawk Arts students have researched, conceptualized, and carried out individual designs of artful, animal masks. The young students learned how cultures from around the world, throughout history, have used masks in their traditions and ceremonies.

Donning a mask allows an individual to be someone they are not for a brief time, changing how they see themselves and how they behave outwardly. Most students know the feeling from the Halloween custom in America.

In creating their artwork, students were able to transform a plain, white eye mask into a representation of an artistic animal. Students constructed their animal features from a plethora of colorful papers with diverse patterns and implied textures. Students applied the principle of art, emphasis, to attract attention to the area around the eye openings of their mask.

Although the masks were not for their Halloween celebration, students were promised a chance to parade around the room once the art teacher tied strings to all 225 masks. Do the math: two strings per mask at 225 masks, which totals 450 strings to tie. A parade of 225 aesthetically pleasing masks well worth the wait, the vision, and tying of strings.