While working offshore and south of Little St. George Island in the Patrol Vessel Guardian, the crew consisting of Lieutenant Marlow, Officers Nelson, and Boutwell observed several shrimping vessels.  They noticed that one of the vessels appeared to be in nearshore waters and approximately just inside of two nautical miles from shore.  The Guardian pulled up to the stern of the vessel and observed the shrimping gear being drawn back into the vessel.  They noticed that the nets appeared to be very large.  Further inspection of the trawl nets resulted in the nets being significantly oversized.  The appropriate charges were issued to the vessel captain and the nets were seized as evidence.

While working offshore and south of FranklinCounty in federal waters in the Patrol Vessel Guardian, the crew consisting of Lieutenant Marlow, Officers Nelson and Boutwell stopped several vessels during the patrol.  One vessel stop resulted in an individual dumping red snapper fillets and parts overboard during the vessel’s approach.  The individual admitted to possessing red snapper during closed season, filleting the fish and dumping them overboard.  The individual was issued the appropriate charges.  Another vessel stop of a registered charter vessel resulted in three individuals possessing red snapper during closure and dumping seven of them overboard during the Guardian’s approach.  The three individuals confessed to the possession of red snapper, knowing that the season was closed, and dumping the fish overboard when they saw the patrol vessel.  The individuals were issued the appropriate charges for the violations.