I read in your sister paper, the Panama City News Herald, that the Democratic candidate for Congress from Floridaís 2nd Congressional District has opened her campaign by issuing a position statement on the economy. It appears that she has a plan for the middle class and the small business person. Does that sound familiar like in Obama? What happened to the candidate that declared to represent all the people?

It was about here that my computer died but I would bet my collection of political buttons that she failed to mention that in her working years that she has never bought a paper clip, rubber band or produced a payroll. Iím sure she explained that she acquired her political savvy through osmosis. You see, her daddy had some political notoriety in his time.

I promise, the NSA didnít help in my intercepting a communication a few days ago from two old friends, Cus and Sand Crab. Itís attached for you and your readers to digest. Enjoy and have a nice day.


Dear Cus,

Some say the little woman running against Congressman Steve Southerland is a very refined lady. They say that she been a keeping company in high society circles in Miami, Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee all of her life. Why sheís even lived in the Governorís Mansion. Yep, Iím told she can hold one of those itty-bitty tea cups with the best of Ďem.

 The little lady wants to represent you and me in the Congress of the United States Ďcause she says sheís one of us. How can that be? Iíll bet sheís never ever cleaned a mullet, treed a raccoon, tasted squirrel head stew and I really doubt sheís a member of the NRA. She may have a problem convincing folks in this area of the state that she knows whatís best for what we want.

That ainít the only problem the little lady faces. My uncle Skeeter is real smart. Why he even keeps his food stamps in his 401(k), whatever that is. Anyhow, Uncle Skeeter says that a vote for the little lady is a vote for Nancy Pelosi to return as Speaker of the House of Representatives and nobody wants that!

Iíve had my say. So long for now.

Your friend,

Sand Crab


Willie Norred

St. George Island