According to the Oct. 6, 2013 edition of the Albany, (Ga.) Herald, the chickens may be coming home to roost for South Georgia farmers.

However, rest assured these farmers will receive full federal, state and local political support in continuing to freely use water from the Flint River basin without monitoring or regulation. Water = Money.

Corn, peanuts, and cotton? Ha! Dry land cotton frequently does better than cotton soaked under irrigation. A large percentage of melon, pecan and cantaloupe acreage in Southwest Georgia is irrigated.

While I do not doubt that the University of Georgia has developed efficient irrigation methods, I am highly skeptical that much use is made of them by farmers. More water is better: day or night, rain or shine.

Why is it that many states in the Southeastern region grow luscious crops of corn, tomatoes and other vegetables without any irrigation? When will citizens be freed from the tax burden of farm welfare?


Roy A. (Tony) Ragan

Cordele, Ga.