At Tuesday morning’s county commission meeting, Chairman Cheryl Sanders apologized for her use earlier this month of a word widely viewed as an ethnic slur.

At the July 2 county commission meeting, Sanders used the term “jewing” to characterize haggling and bickering among her colleagues surrounding raises for department heads in the context of hiring a new head of the road department..

“Today’s not the day to do it,” the Times quoted her as saying. “We’re … not to be up here jewing over somebody’s pay. I can’t believe that you all would put a man down who has worked here for 26 years because he don’t have a high school education.”

This led to a firestorm of blogs, and even comment in the Washington Post and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, on the political correctness of the phrase.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Sanders opened the meeting with the following statement.

“On July 2 there was a statement I made that offended. I used a word that was offensive to some people. It was in the heat of argument and it was a poor choice of words and I’m sorry. If I have caused any hardship to the people or employees of Franklin County, I’m sorry. This is a heartfelt apology.”