As Gomer Pyle would say…”Surprise, surprise, surprise.”

Having just started a tupelo honey distribution business, I decided - so I thought - it would be great to be a vendor at the July 2 Apalachicola festivities and, when seeing Joe Taylor scurrying around as usual, approached him with my vendor idea, and my paying a fee for each bottle sold, paid to whichever entity was appropriate.

Joe quickly informed me my fee would have to be 100 percent of my sales proceeds. I thought I had misheard. I was confused. This was not just a “surprise,” it was downright amazing and absurd. Who would ever agree to such? Well, Joe said again that’s the way it is.

Upon then going to Carrabelle with the same idea, I was told come right on, no fee at all. I insisted on a fee and then approaching their chamber of commerce my proposal was courteously accepted and they welcomed me. An interesting contrast. I am still somewhat perplexed. Where is Gomer when I need him?

Frank Venable