We want to say a special thank you to Ronnie Segree first and foremost for conducting the service for us and all he did.

For the cards that Mama received, thank you for your thoughtful and kind cards of condolences. It was thoughtful and kind of you to take time to share your memories of Earel with me. Your words were not only a comfort but a source of strength for my family and me in this difficult time.

For the food and help that was provided, thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping us with the food and guests at the services. I am so grateful for your helping hand in our time of need. Thanks again.

We also wish to thank those for serving as pallbearers. You  all are reliable and dear friends. Your contribution to the services were a tremendous comfort. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you

For everyone who attended the service or sent the lovely flowers of closer friends, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to come and share in the remembrance of Earel Hardy. Although this is a sad time for all of us, I find comfort in knowing how fortunate Earel and I have been to know you.