Dennis and Ralph have a home!

The dogs were left homeless after the pre-Christmas murder of their owner, Cynthia Green of Apalachicola.

Karen Martin, Director of the Franklin County Humane Society Animal Shelter vowed to place the traumatized animals out only as a pair. After the plight of the two dogs was publicized, a television station out of Panama City picked up the story from the Apalachicola Times and aired a segment to assist the Humane Society with their efforts to find a new caregiver for Mrs. Greenís dogs.

After the story ran, the Humane Society was contacted by several families interested in giving these two deserving dogs a home. The family that adopted them lives in Panama City, and Ralph and Dennis are now living on the beach in a big, fenced in yard with their new pack.

The Humane Society would like to thank everyone who helped them get the word out via Facebook, email, newspaper, radio and TV. Ralph and Dennis are loved and well cared for and Mrs. Green can finally rest in peace.