Local artist Leon Wiesener needs more bottles.

Wiesener has set himself the task of creating a tourist attraction for Carrabelle. A year ago, he set to work to create a bottle house like ones historically constructed in Western boom towns during the gold rush. Eleven months and 6,000 bottles later, he completed it.

Next, he began constructing a lighthouse with dual rotating lights in the base and crown. That project is almost complete. The beacon is up and running and now requires only a pressure wash to reduce excess cement and some fine tuning for the battery.

Wiesener already has his eyes and mind turned to the final monument in his glittering empire, an arch constructed entirely of bottles.

The bottle house and lighthouse are located at 604 S.E. Avenue F in Carrabelle and can be seen from the road. According to the Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce website, they can be viewed seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The artist said he needs several thousand bottles to complete the Arc de Carrabelle and is especially seeking blue ones.

 To donate bottles, call 653-7201.