Pre-K Reorganization       $200,000
Eliminate Summer Programs not required by DOE  $90,000
Discontinue Activity Buses     $15,000
Discontinue Middle School Sports including transportation $40,000
Administrators/school board 5 percent salary reduction    $110,000
Amended federal grants to cover more salaries    $182,560
Delay in filling vacant Accounting I position   $15,000
Proposed savings with change in insurance plans   $100,000
Minor reduction in contract services expense   $1,450
Christmas holiday energy savings    $7,500
Reduction in printing costs by using website   $3,000
Absorption of 8 positions due to resignation/retirement  $137,500
Restructure copying machine leasing contracts   $25,000
Unfilled ninth custodial position     $35,000
Elimination of foreign language program    $48,200
Elimination of “General Fund” funded field trips   $10,000
Reorganization of Carrabelle bus route     $35,000
Elimination of SRO (School Resource Officer)   $42,000
TOTAL       $1.16 million