At their Tuesday meeting, county commissioners received proposals from five applicants seeking the position of county attorney.

In response to a call for proposals, Michael Shuler, who has represented the county for more than a decade, offered a choice of two reimbursement plans: a flat fee of $70,000 annually ($5,830 / month) or $90 per hour with no retainer.

Kristy Branch Banks, of Eastpoint proposed $5,600 a month, or $90 per hour for legal activities and $70 for non legal matters.

Ethan Way of Tallahassee bid $95 per hour with no travel charge. Shalene Grover of Marianna proposed a $3,900 a month retainer, with an additional charge of $200 per hour and $250 per hour for litigation.

Daniel Cox, of Carrabelle, sought $350 per meeting plus $135 per hour, and $175 per hour for litigation.

The commissioners voted unanimously to conduct interviews at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 5, following the next regular commission meeting.

Gulf County pays its attorney $153,300 annually plus $140 hourly for litigation. Wakulla County pays a $115,000 retainer and $150 to $175 hourly for litigation.

Calhoun County’s attorney receives $125 per hour and Jackson County pays its attorney an $80,000 annual retainer.

Shuler is currently charging the county $80 per hour for legal services, so whoever is selected the position, the county will likely pay more for legal services than is now the case.