Another Coombs relative has returned to his Apalachicola roots.

Gerald “Jerry” Coombs of Tallahassee and wife Tina celebrated their 13th anniversary at the Coombs House Inn.

Coombs is the descendant of James Nathaniel Coombs, builder of the historic inn.

Jerry Coombs said he has just begun to seek out knowledge of his heritage and was thrilled to be able to visit Apalachicola and stay in the fully restored home, now an award-winning inn.

The Coombs house was the scene of a family tragedy. Built in 1906, just five years later it was partly destroyed by a fire that resulted in the deaths of James and Maria Coombs within a month. Still some people believe J.N. Coombs lingers in his dream home.

The couple stayed in the haunted suite where Coombs is said to caress the cheeks of lovely ladies sleeping in “his” bed. The family patriarch is also said to have appeared to the innkeeper in the dining room, warning her to board up the 100-year-old beveled glass windows before Hurricane Dennis.

No visit would have been complete without paying homage to their long dead relatives, James and Maria Coombs, lying side by side in Chestnut Cemetery across the street from their beloved home.

 “It was a wonderful experience,” Jerry Coombs said. “I’ve been going by that place my whole life and always wanted to stay there. It exceeded our expectations. The whole area is wonderful and I have been recommending it to everyone. We’ll be back.”