I received a telephone call this past Saturday, Jan. 5 from the U.S. Census Bureau. The woman calling asked why I had not returned to them the NEW census form recently sent to me in the mail. I informed her that I had not received a new form.

She explained that there was a snafu with physical addresses and post office box addresses, and the postmaster general had refused to deliver those letters sent to a post office box. She said she could take my information over the phone, but I refused this offer and told her I thought that this telephone call was some sort of scam to get my personal information. She assured me that this was no scam, and she then gave me a telephone number to call to verify that she was who she said she was. I called this number and ascertained that she was from the U.S. Census Bureau.

I informed the second woman I spoke with that I had complied with the Census Bureau in 2010 by filling out their form and returning it in a timely manner, and I did not feel it was necessary to complete another census form. She then told me that it did not matter that I had completed and returned this form in 2010, it was mandatory that I must once again fill out this form and return it to her. I asked her who had thought up this little caper, and she replied that it was the U.S. Congress.

My first question is why must I once again fill out a new census form? My second question is why is the Census Bureau still working on the 2010 census when the census was completed in 2010? Because the official census was taken in 2010, there would be no relevancy in census information given in 2013.

This brings me to the conclusion that our government is creating jobs for certain individuals, and these individuals are working on Saturdays and Sundays and getting paid overtime to do so! What a rip-off! To pay individuals working for the Census Bureau overtime to inform American citizens that they must fill out another census form is a terrible misuse of taxpayersí money!

Why donít they go after the people who did not comply with the 2010 census? The Census Bureau needs to know one thing, and that is How many people lived at 126 Hickory Dip Road, Eastpoint, Florida in 2010? They are not entitled to any other information!

It is way past time to cut the pork, and this is pork that needs to be cut! The citizens of America had better wake up and realize what is happening to America. In four more years, you will not recognize the America that you knew in 2008!