Since the Times featured “A good Egg” in the last issue, several long-time residents have come forward with further memories of Herbert Brown, one of Eastpoint’s founding fathers.

Susan Buzzett Clementson of Apalachicola remembers that his love of children extended beyond the east bank of the river.

“On Saturday mornings, Cathy Willis and I would sit and wait for him to come with the eggs and he’d pick us up and carry us around town,” she said. “He’d pick up children all along the way and by the time he had sold all of the eggs, his wagon was full of children.”

Colley Watkins, also of Apalachicola, said Brown always carried two of the Tucker children from Eastpoint with him on his route as well, “to give them something to do.”

Watkins said he was in the Lion’s Club with Brown. “We called him Uncle Herbert,” said Watkins.

According to Watkins, the club started in Apalachicola and Brown was an early member.

“We would go from door-to-door selling mops and brooms (for charity). Uncle Herbert would always take the back alleys because he was used to delivering eggs there. That’s where the kitchen doors were. We’d get to the front door and they’d tell us Uncle Herbert had already been to the back door. He sold more mops and brooms than anybody.”