The following is a list of those whose deaths were recorded in Times obituaries over the past year. May their memories serve as reassurance and inspiration of lives well lived.


Helen Marsh

Jack Taylor

Gary Faulkner

Carl Hallstrom

Patricia Ostola

Ruth Spiers

Jimmy Joe Sanders




Eva Mae Coatney

Bobby Phipps

Cheryl Berberet

Gene Fanning

Charles Harris

Ed Jackel

Bill White Eagle

Donna Ward




Ruth Schoelles

Linda Horvath

John Rogers

Hollie Stott

Dorothy Rolstad

Carol Segers

Agnes Smith




Mabel Kilner

Tereza Carter

Mildred Whalen

Rick Murray

Ruth Venters

Rodney Tucker

Marilyn Lolley

Anthony Cesaroni




Olga Nichols

Edna Topham

Mary Mann

Judy Parks

Charles Tucker

Ann Rudloe

Vickie Segree




Lonnie Moses

Lillian Green

Hughey Williams

Margaret Holton

Loran Haddock

Chris Allen

Bud Ammons




Virginia Butler

Isaac Loudermilk

Ruthie Millender

Eunice Mirabella

Willie Newsome

Bobby Stiner

Richard Dosik




Harriet Schoelles

B.L. Cosey

Keith Hardy

Gaye Lass

Charles McElhatan

Magdalene McGhin

Beulah Carroll




Mary Miller

Henry Stephens

Brandon Glass

Monica Benning

Carrell Anderson

Lou Norred

Ann Brown




Ray Courage

Zelma Nolton

Elton Barber

Bill McFarland

Eugene Russ

Bill Lindsey

Ron Isbell




Earel Hardy

Joseph Rudd

Lawrence Kienzle

James Smith

Nancy Evans

Terryss Kilbourn

Dorothy Whisman




Tyrone Evans

David Wingate

Betty Braswell

Randy Harrison

Gloria Houseman

Jerry Phillips

James Anderson




Nello Caldi

Kelly Meacham

Nixon Shiver

Chris Smith

Patricia Miller

Earl Scott

Betty Browne




Gwen Ingram

Richard Morris

Toni Stalker

Ruth Northcutt

Ed Pooser

Harry Papadopolous

Vicky Carnes

Bernice Weaver