Recently, I read with great interest about the controversy surrounding Apalachicola Planning and Zoning Chairman Tom Daly. The charges raised by Mayor Johnson seem debatable at best. To raise charges against the chairman and attempt to substantiate them as “coming from a reliable source” is disingenuous at the least. Perhaps comments from Bobby Miller, one of the meeting attendees, cuts to the chase, “sounds like a witch hunt to me.”

Stepping back and looking dispassionately at the brouhaha, the whole issue seems to pale in comparison to some of the issues facing our community.

All this aside, it would be tragic to lose a man of Tom Daly’s statue and commitment on the P&Z Commission. I have had numerous conversations with Tom over the years about the destiny and direction of Apalachicola. Tom speaks with conviction and compassion about his vision for our city. If you truly listen, there would be no doubt that his intentions are honest and he truly has the best interest of Apalachicola and its people at heart.


Lacey Robinson