St. George Island residents recently pitched in to clean up and landscape the island’s entrance.

“We had some money left from bingo” proceeds and that, together with a lot of volunteer hours, talent and effort allowed us to make the island even more welcoming to our residents and guests” said Newt Colston, who chaired the SGI Civic Club committee that decided on the project. The committee also included Pat O’Connell, Fred Stanley, Terry Kemp and Ann Giknis.

“We contacted Burkett & Son Well Services, who were able to get an old well near the site working again. This provided water for irrigation and made the rest of the project possible,” said Ann Giknis, a master gardener and island resident who designed and supervised the project.

“Then, working with The Garden Shop in Apalachicola, we ordered plants that we knew would do well under tough island conditions,” said Giknis. “Once we got going, the actual physical project took about two weeks to clean up and prepare the area, repaint the welcome sign, lay out the irrigation and install about 200 plants.

“Many islanders come out and worked hard to make this happen. We are really proud of the outcome,” she said.

This project compliments the clean up and beautification efforts in the Lighthouse park and elsewhere on St. George Island.