What a Thanksgiving dinner we had at the Senior Center last Thursday. A very good meal, thanks to Sue and the crew, and a big slice of Merle’s famous coconut cream pie to top it off. The table centerpieces were made by our director, Sue Reed.

I started off Saturday with my sugar fix at the Lanark Village Boat Club. Had a good breakfast, and did a lot tablehopping.

Then it was off to the Lanark Village Community Church yard sale, Had lunch and had a look around and ran into Sharon, daughter of the late Frank and Betty Ferlin, and Joan and Jeff, two of Mary Ann Bove’s children, and Jeff’s wife Sue. Was great seeing them. Hope you picked up one of Claudette’s famous chocolate éclairs!

The Birthday Bash was well-attended. The Camp Gordon Johnston American Legion Post 82 was rockin’. December’s Birthday Bash will be Saturday, Dec. 15. See ya there!

Attention Bingo players! Wednesday night bingo at Chillas Hall will be coming soon. Members of the Lanark Village Golf Club will be in charge. More on this later.

Be watching for you at our annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Chillas Hall. Serving begins at 1 p.m.

Members of Camp Gordon Johnston will gather at the post for their annual Thanksgiving dinner. This is for members only!

John and Loretta were joined in holy matrimony on Saturday by Mr. Bill. They came to the Legion to celebrate.

Be kind to one another, check in on the sick and housebound and have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Until next time, God bless America, our troops, the poor, homeless and hungry.