“That’s quite a boat.”

“Yup. Sure is. Guy and his wife been all over the world on her.”

“All over the world, huh?”

“Yup. South America, round the horn, South Pacific, clean up to Alaska and back. All over. Very tricky goin’ around the horn, you know.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“Yup. Horn’s plenty tricky. Gotta be real experienced.”

“What’s the boat doing here on the Ohio?”

“Came from Chicago. That’s where they live, Chicago. Just stoppin’ over.”

“Where they headed?”

“Nowheres. Not now.”

“How come?”

“Guy died. Drowned. Cast his bow line before his stern line. Bow caught the current. Tried to pull her back in. Boat rail gave way. Guy went right in. Been draggin’ the river for three days. Can’t find him.”

“Where was his wife?”

“On the boat. Threw him a line. Had hold of it, too, for a while. River’s awful strong here. Swept him away.”

“Life jacket?”

“Nope. Like I said, he was experience.”

“Forgot to cast his stern line, you say?”


“Terrible thing.”

“Yup. Been all over the world. Thirty years of experience. You got a boat?”

“Over there.”

“Nice lookin’ boat.”


“How long you been sailin’?”

“About five weeks.”

“Why son you’re green. Got a long ways to go. You’re not even close to this guy’s experience.”

“Yes, a long way to go.”