November is National Hospice Month. Itís no surprise that this is also the month that we commemorate veterans and family caregivers. Along with hospice workers, these groups serve others, being there for those who count on us to keep them comfortable, safe and protected.

Big Bend Hospice is proud to have partnered with the Tallahassee VA Outpatient Clinic to remember and honor our veterans during a Service of Remembrance held Nov. 13. Each time a veteran passes away, it leaves a hole in our hearts and in our societyís collective memory.

Likewise, family caregivers are selfless individuals who give of themselves, sometimes putting their own lives on hold, to care for an ill or dying loved one. They are unsung heroes. At Big Bend Hospice we see firsthand the courage and love that goes into being a caregiver 24/7 and we continually look for ways to provide support to hospice family caregivers and ease their load and renew their spirit.

When patients put their trust in Big Bend Hospice, our staff considers it a sacred obligation to live up to that trust. We exist to provide the highest quality of care to people facing a life-limiting illness. We offer compassionate support and comfort to both the patient and their family. In 2013 Big Bend Hospice will celebrate 30 years of serving this community. With your assistance, we will continue to help every patient have the opportunity to make the most of each day of life.

Please join me during November and salute all of these groups as they do the work that has to be done, which sometimes requires incredible sacrifice. We are a better community because we can come together in support of each other. I encourage everyone to join me in thanking these dedicated individuals for the work they do.

Cathy Atkison

President and CEO