The ant went about his business every day, out of necessity because there was no one else to do his work for him. He dug his tunnels, thoughtfully deciding where to place chambers for storing winter food as well as other chambers for living. He believed in individual responsibility, had no self-pity, and as a result, created a good life for himself.

The grasshopper watched how well the ant was living and not only became envious, but felt quite strongly something just was not right. There was too much difference between the meager comforts and limited quality of life, so he decided to call a press conference. NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR were all there to give their full support in telling this important story of economic injustice. The grasshopper gave a full account of his entitlement demands; the bureaucratic agencies must use their authority to make the ant share his wealth, as it was mostly ill-gotten anyway.

Steadily the wheels of bureaucratic government turned. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae decided the ant’s housing must be shared with the grasshopper. EPA found the ant to be in non-compliance, therefore DOJ saw grounds to bring a federal lawsuit against the ant.

The pressure was too much, The ant moved out and the grasshopper moved into a much m ore comfortable lifestyle. However, it was just a matter of time before the lack of maintenance-upkeep caused the new housing to show serious deterioration and its new inhabitant was again becoming dissatisfied. How could this be? The changes so eagerly sought and generously promised just were not working out.

Please, will the reader finish the story… (Author unknown, but is one wise person.)