The Apalachicola Area Historical Society’s annual Ghost Walk outdid itself Saturday night, as scores of visitors through Chestnut Cemetery helped bring in more then $1,500 for cemetery restoration.

“It’s the largest crowd we’ve ever had,” said Delores Roux, one of the walk’s founders and current coordinator.

Together with her fellow organizer Susan Clementson, Roux helped lead tours together with Barbara Smith, Ella Bond, Delores Roux, Caty Greene and Donna McCoy.

A baker’s dozen of deceased residents of the cemetery came to life as the sun set and the spirits rose.

At the front entrance, Fran Edwards, the society’s treasurer, offered readings from her crystal ball as she sat dressed in a gypsy’s costume.

Portraying characters were:

·         Eric Springer as the alleged outlaw John Cole Younger

·         John Inzetta as Apalachicola engineer George Core,

·         Melonie Inzetta as Philomena Allen, a milliner beset by an early tragedy, who wore black for the rest of her life as she devoted herself to the church.

·         Annette Fagan as pioneering black hotelier Mary Fuller

·         Jeff and Caroline Ilardi as Robert and Mary Louisa Knickmeyer, a Confederate soldier with a storied career and a huge family

·         Terry Gunning, from Annapolis Md., as Victoria, wife of Dominic Catanetti, a boat pilot and head of the pilots association

·         Katherine Anne Shimonis as Anna Buzzett Fry, her great-aunt, wife of Capt. Bill Fry

·         Tiffany Tiffin and daughter Olivia Monod as Nellie Austin and Delores Taranto as a young girl

·         Gene Smith as Alton Pierce, a boat captain with a colorful life

·         Orman House Ranger Mike Kinnett as the entrepreneur J. E. Grady.