Gill Autrey has written a wonderful book.

“Gone with the Tides and Other Southern Stories,” featuring prose by Gill Autrey, photography by wife Lane Autrey and recipes by both, is touching, funny and insightful.

Autrey shares his thoughts on fishing, the Depression, boats, seagulls, Mama, author Lewis Grizzard and the viper infested jungles of Southeast Asia.

I wish I had this book when I was away at school in Blacksburg because it would have made me less homesick. It is a taste of everything we love about Franklin County.

In the essay “Gulls on the Causeway,” Autrey rails against the “descendents of Adolph Hitler” who are in too big a hurry to avoid hitting nesting shorebirds on their way to the island. In “Dog Years,” he shares memories of beloved four (and three) legged companions, and in “Roastin’ Ears,” he shares family recipes rated for difficulty using the martini system, as in *= one martini, **=two martinis, etc.

This book is well worth reading and will even speak to unfortunate souls who have never watched the sunset over Apalachicola Bay.

“Gone with the Tides,” is available at the Green Door and Downtown Books.

Autrey will sign books and perform on the guitar with friend Slim Fatz at a cocktail reception from 6 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1 at the Green Door. The gallery will also host a show of Lane Autrey’s photography.

A second book signing, with time to be announced, will be held, Saturday, Nov. 17 at Downtown Books.