On Friday evening, more than 200 people attended a gala show of lamps and lighted sculpture at the Bowery Gallery on Commerce Street in Apalachicola.

The 15 Franklin County artists displaying lighted creations included Olivia Monod, Leslie Wentzel, Judy Leutin, Ann Seaton, Fred Aman, Leslie Wallace-Coon, Phillip and Marti Campbell, Clarice Powell, David Pickering, Barb Ward, Jamie Llewellyn, Sharron Totter, Sherry Cook, Faye Johnson and Ann Eason.

Wallace-Coon, Powell, Monod and Llewellyn all produced lighted ceramic towers. Eason entered a filigree tea set lighted with tea lights. Aman, a former taxidermist, created lamps out of bone. Johnson displayed a fairyland lamp with tiny woodland creatures.

Most of the works were for sale. The themes ranged from whimsical to dramatic. For a gallery of the event visit www.Apalachtimes.com By LOIS SWOBODA