As a political surrogate, Mr. Willie Norred gives a perfect introduction to the flavor of the coming campaign of Steve Southerland in Franklin County. (See letters to the editor, May 29, 2014 issue). The general tone of Mr. Norreds political attack (veiled in an aw-shucks humorous letter) is patronizing and demeaning to women. Does a letter from a political flack provide distance and deniability for Mr. Southerland while carrying the message of the campaign? I am sure Mr. Southerland will try to make it so.

The real issue, of course, is not a persons heritage, although Gwen Grahams could not be better, but what a candidate stands for and how hard they will fight for the issues that are important to average Americans. Is it any wonder that Mr. Southerlands campaigns first salvo seeks to cloud the real issues by inciting fear and division? Can we help but notice that this expression of Tea Party philosophy, which Mr. Southerland effectively espouses as well, is clearly out of step with the majority of Americans? Let us keep in mind that those with which Mr. Southerland hopes to identify are the same people that have proposed and passed legislation that the Tea Party extremists favor including bills that:

  limit the publics right to vote,

  close down the government, costing millions and adversely affecting the economy and jeopardizing the welfare of veterans, seniors, and working Americans,

  limit the right to quality health care,

  obstruct a womans right to make her own health decisions,

  keep working Americans from making a livable wage,

  harm the public school system and demonize our teachers


Little Lady, really? We would do well to have a woman with the stellar credentials of Gwen Graham to represent us in Congress.

Mr. Southerland, this election is not about Nancy Pelosi, cleaning mullet or drinking tea. It is about your record as a congressman. If you dont respect the voters of District 2 enough to support their issues, at least dont resort to belittling them.

Betty Croom