The Franklin County High School Class of 2014 harvested about $650,000 in academic and athletic scholarships Friday night.

After Stefan DeVaughn, vice president of the class, led the Pledge of Allegiance, Ashley Carroll, a member of the Class of 2014, offered a stirring rendition of the National Anthem.

Deborah Dempsey, class secretary, led the invocation, followed by a welcome from Jathan Martin, the class president.

Superintendent Nina Marks offered greetings in the form of the “Ten Commandments of Good Manners.”

Bria Walker, the class treasurer, read the class tribute poem she had written. Principal Eric Bidwell, School Board Chairman Jimmy Gander and Roderick Robinson, the high school guidance counselor, then presented medals to Walker as well as Laura Gallegos, who share valedictorian honors.

Several scholarships were then presented, followed by a passing of the torch through a candle lighting ceremony between class officers of 2014 and 2015.

The evening closed with class tribute song by Logan McLeod, and acknowledgments by Principal Eric Bidwell.

The following is a list of the scholarships, the name of the presenter and the recipients:


Apalachicola Masonic Lodge (Carl Duncan) $500 scholarships to Cynthia Duncan and Logan McLeod

Apalachicola Bay Charter School (Chimene Johnson) two $250 scholarships to Gracyn Kirvin and Graham Kirvin

Apalachicola Bay Rotary School (Alan Pierce) $1,000 scholarship to Bria Walker

Barbara Massey Memorial (Roderick Robinson) $500 scholarship to Jathan Martin

Carr Memorial (Dr. Lois Catlin) two $750 scholarships Bria Walker and Laura Gallegos

Centennial Bank (Brenda Ash) two $500 scholarships to Cameron White and Jathan Martin

College for Every Student (Eric Bidwell)   $3,000 scholarship to Lea Venable

Dixie Youth Softball (Roderick Robinson) $1,500 scholarship to Marlyn Lee

Eastpoint Church of God (Scott Shiver) $1,000 scholarships to Cameron White and Alex Causey

Edwin Ruge Scholarships (Roderick Robinson) two $1,000 scholarships to Gracyn Kirvin and Jathan Martin; and two $750 scholarships to Alex Causey and Ashley Carroll

FairPoint Communications (Cookie Dearinger) $750 scholarship to Ally Millender

Florida Seafood Festival (Carl Whaley) Four $500 scholarships to Ally Millender, Brook Pittman, Jathan Martin and Ashley Carroll

Forgotten Coast Builders Association (Roderick Robinson) two $1,500 scholarships to Ally Millender and Brook Pittman

Franklin County School Nutrition Association (April Dalton), $500 scholarship to Cameron White

Franklin County School Trust (Roderick Robinson) two $1,000 scholarships to Brook Pittman and Lea Venable

Franklin County School Board (Jimmy Gander and Teresa Ann Martin) four $1,000 scholarships to Lenny Ward, Lea Venable, Brook Pittman and Tevis Page

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (Lt. Allen Ham) $500 scholarship to James Harris

Franklin County Teachers’ Association (Jamie Duhart) five $50 scholarships to Christina Boyd, Deborah Dempsey, Stefan DeVaughn, Haleigh Ming and Bria Walker

Franklin Educational Support Personnel  (Delores Croom) $50 scholarship to Cody Lyston

Franklin/Gulf Retired Educators Association (Annada Faircloth) $500 scholarship to Cameron White

Friends of the Reserve (Heidi Montgomery) two $500 scholarships to Brook Pittman and Bria Walker

Franklin County Education Foundation (Lois Catlin) $250 scholarships to Laura Gallegos, Bria Walker, and Jathan Martin; and $250 scholarships in name of retiring educations Eddie Joseph to Myel DeCourcey and James Bailey, and $250 scholarships in the name fo retiring education Sharon Browning Tevis Page and Laura Gallegos

H’COLA (Brenda Ash) two $250 scholarships to Bria Walker and Jathan Martin

Loretta Taylor Memorial (Roderick Robinson) two $500 scholarships to Cameron White and Ashley Carroll

Love & Worship Center School of Arts (Damien Davis) $500 scholarships to Andrea Cupid and Jathan Martin

Love & Worship Center Daniel White Memorial (Damien Davis) $500 scholarship to Jathan Martin

Mamie Humphries Memorial (Roderick Robinson) four-year, $12,000 scholarship to Jathan Martin

Montgomery Foundation (Roderick Robinson) five $800 scholarships to Malachi Parker, Andrea Cupid, Cameron White, Logan McLeod and James Bailey

Phoenix Family (Lois Catlin) a $250 scholarship to DeborahDempsey and Andrea Cupid

Philaco Women’s Club (Ginny Griner) two $1,000 scholarship to Brook Pittman and Jathan Martin

Project HOPE (Myrtice Wynn) $300 scholarships to Deborah Dempsey, Andrea Cupid and Ashley Carroll

Seahawk Boosters (Carl Whaley) four $500 scholarships to Ally Millender, Gracyn Kirvin, Logan McLeod and Cameron White.

SWAT (Delores Croom) gave $700 in total gifts to Bria Walker, Jatrhan Martin and Andrea Cupid, who had been members since eighth grade; to Myel DeCourcey, who joined in the 10th grade; and to Laura Gae4llgos and Deborah Dempsey, who joined this year.

Take Stock in Children (Lois Catlin) multi-year scholarships worth nearly $25,000 annually to James Bailey, Jathan Martin, Myel DeCourcey, Deborah Dempsey, Andrea Cupid and Tevis Page, with honorary awards to Laura Gallegos and Bria Walker

Tyler Eddy Memorial (Jennifer Edwards), named for a young man, an active athlete and hunter, a future member of the Class of 2014, who died while still a boy. Two scholarships, each worth $500 to James Harris and Graham Kirvin

Willie Speed Memorial (Allyson Speed) two $250 scholarships to Brook Pittman and Bria Walker

Yent Family Memorial (Jim Hastings) $500 scholarships to Bria Walker and Laura Gallegos