In the first two Chasing Shadows columns, we asked questions about photographs from the Florida Memory Project collection. This week our historical mystery is a little different.

Montez Davis of Apalachicola would like to know the origin of a chair purchased by her father-in- law’s sister, Patricia Smith, who lives in Mississippi.

Smith, an avid yard sale attendee, purchased a chair for her brother at an out-of-state sale. What caught her eye was a stamp on the underside of the seat. The chair was manufactured by the Gorrie Furniture Company of Apalachicola.

A search of the internet provided no information about the company, but perhaps a search of local memories would prove more fruitful. Do you remember the Gorrie Furniture Company?

If you have any information about the company, please contact the Times at 653-8868 or contact Lois Swoboda at