During the week of Oct. 2-5, Franklin Correctional Institution’s Canine Tracking Unit participated in the South Eastern States Manhunt Field Trials held at the Coldwater Recreation Area of the Blackwater State Forest. Teams from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida competed in this event. Each team was required to follow a two-hour-old scent trail, approximately 1.5 miles long, one in daylight and one in the dark, with four flags dropped along the trail by the tracklayer. Each flag recovered represented a one-minute deduction from the time required to complete the track, each failed recovery represented a one-minute penalty.

Upon locating the target/track layer, one member of the tracking team is required to touch the target track layer on the shoulder, a team member would then transmit the capture and/or location to a pre-designated timekeeper via radio. The Franklin C.I. K-9 Team consisting of Sgt. Greg Daniels; Sgt. Eric Crosby and Officer Shawn Chisholm completed their day track with a time of 27:25 and had a 14:52 on their night track, recovering all four flags on each track. Santa Rosa Correctional Institution’s K-9 Team narrowly edged Franklin C.I. for second place by one-half second. The team from Suwannee C.I. was the first place finisher in the event.