In late March, the St. George Lighthouse Association sponsored a field trip for Franklin County Middle School’s photo literacy students. The middle school shutterbugs were treated with a tour of the Lighthouse Museum and a free climb up the lighthouse. The highlight of the trip, for the young photographers, was taking pictures of the amazing view from the top of the lighthouse.

After their trip, the students created poetry and mono prints of the lighthouse. Below are two fine examples of the poems, the first one an acrostic, where the first letter of each line spells out the word “Lighthouse.”


Lighting the way for ships and boats

Imagining the history in this place

Great heights with wonderful views

Home of the Keeper and family

Thick walls of ancient bricks

Helping sailors see

Obviously a necessity

Undergoing all weather, yet still shining

Stairs, 92 of them

Exquisite pieces of the past

-          By Jessica Rudd





Counting until I skip a step

I guess 27, but really 25

Climbing to the top

I see the clouds as if they were in a meadow

The wind whistles

Ocean calls

I am in my state of mind

No boundaries 

There once was and always will be the light that shines upon the water to guide the lost world to freedom

-          By Kiana Foley