Between April 21 and May 6, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office received 15 complaints of home and vehicle burglaries. Items stolen during the burglaries were cash, jewelry, firearms, electronics and fishing equipment.

While conducting a traffic stop, deputies recovered a camera that had been stolen from the Alligator Point area. This investigation led to the arrest of two Carrabelle men, Darin W. Cruson II, 26, and Aaron S. Massey, 22.

During the course of the investigation, detectives received information that some of the stolen items may be located in two separate apartments in Lanark Village. Detectives, along with the assistance of deputies, executed search warrants on the apartments and recovered firearms, fishing equipment, jewelry and electronics linked to the burglaries.

In all, detectives and deputies were able to recover seven stolen firearms, approximately $60,000 worth of jewelry, $10,000 worth of electronics and approximately $5000 worth of fishing equipment.

On May 12, the two men were booked at the county jail, and each charged with burglary of a structure, and grand theft. On May 13, each was charged with additional counts of burglary of a dwelling, burglary of a conveyance, grand theft of a firearm and grand theft over $300.

The Sheriff's Office would like to remind the citizens to lock your home and vehicle doors at night and during the day when you're not around. This simple act could prevent a crime and loss of property.