The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), completed by Eglin Air Force Base, military exercises proposed for Tate's Hell under terms of the Gulf Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative (GRASI) meets / exceeds all requisites, and will not have a negative impact on plants, animals or the environment.

Recognize that it is the American military that protects people all round the world from the dangers of totalitarian regimes, human rights violations, and the subjugation of peoples. Keep in mind it is also the American military that provides for the freedom many in America take for granted. The freedoms provided by those sacred documents: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Do you suppose that those veterans returning to America after laying their lives on the line, losing limbs and even giving the ultimate sacrifice would complain about training in an insect-infested swamp riddled with vipers, black water, and dangerous animals? Or, would they do so in order to protect the rights of American citizens to enjoy their freedoms?

It would now seem appropriate that those folks who do not support the training or mission of the American military might now consider moving to another country.

Iraq and Iran are suggested as possible destinations.

John Hitron