In September, my wife Katie and I will have lived in this wonderful town for two years. They say, "You can observe a lot just by watching." Our observation is, being here is just like living in the 50s. We walk downtown almost every day and visit with as many merchants as we can. We've dined in almost every eatery available. We have our favorites but I won't editorialize.

My wife always remarks how friendly everyone is and we try to return this kindness whenever we can. The newspaper is a Thursday morning "must" for us. The Times is far and away ahead of its time (no pun) and it's “dizzying” in the way the editor and his staff do such a fantastic job of covering the news week-after-week. Their motto should be changed to "No sooner done than said," (this isn't original, I know). It is a fantastic read and Katie and I peruse it from front to back with each issue. My favorite is the 'Sports' section and, again, the paper is 'second' to none.

We are both retired - Katie was an integral part of the Kennedy Space Center for 20 years and has seen every Shuttle Launch from 1990 to the last one in, I believe, 2010. We cheered with each success and mourned the ones ending in tragedy.

Again, we are honored to be part of this wonderful place and to paraphrase Lao Tzu. "We have no complaints.”

Lathan and Katie Hudson