I would like to challenge each of the five school board members of Franklin County.  Each of them always expresses that they do everything for the kids and the schools.  Well, why don't they allow their actions speak louder than their words?

I was reading an article out of the “Educators Journal” about a school board member from Bay County named Jerry Register.  Mr. Register took $5,000 from his school board pay and is giving it back by giving 50 teachers $100 gift certificates to Ms. Mary's School Source to buy supplies for their classroom.  I cannot applaud this gentleman enough for actually caring about the schools and showing positive action by giving back. 

I wonder if we have any school board members in Franklin County that will be willing to do the same?  They don't have to give back the same way that Mr. Register did, but why not donate at least $10,000 or more of their salary back to the school system? Guess what, that would equal $50,000 and a teacher position.  It could also buy uniforms for various sports teams or may it could allow for middle school sports.  Imagine the possibilities of what could happen, if the school board members would lead by example.


Dustin Martina

Bachelor of science in political science

Masters of science in education

Specialist in educational leadership

Ph.D. candidate in educational leadership