Your March 13 issue has an editorial page column (Pg. A4 “We need rational sex laws.”) with no author's name. I believe it should be the policy of the newspaper to accurately attribute editorial contributions to the names of actual people.

The Florida Action Committee (FAC) organization from which you sourced this column has some very good points regarding the fear surrounding child abductions by strangers since they are so rare. The point about the low recidivism rate was also informative and was a surprise to me.

However, the FAC position that by serving their sentences, criminals have "paid for their crimes" is a longstanding, and totally bogus, claim. All the criminal has done is served the punishment declared by legislatures. The victim may have suffered irreversible loss. Restitution may be impossible. We should not feel too sorry for those who suffer a lifetime of shame because of their violation of common standards of human decency.

Tom Stover