Sometime during the predawn hours of March 17, the White Eagle Restaurant was robbed of several thousand dollars worth of electronics.

The restaurant, located at the Sportsman’s Lodge, 99 North Bayshore Avenue in Easpoint, is open only for occasional, noncommercial, special events, including weddings.

Owner Bob Allen said a video camera, speakers, a surround sound system and a 60-inch flat-screen television were taken. He said the equipment is used to record weddings and display videos during wedding parties. Allen said he was forced to postpone two weddings because of the burglary. He said the equipment was not insured.

The break-in was discovered by David Allen, who is employed by Bob Allen but not related to him.

David Allen said he found both the door to a laundry room and the front door of the restaurant open during his regular rounds on that Monday morning.

At some point, a deadbolt lock leading into the restaurant from the laundry room had been turned around so the latch to open the lock by hand was on the outside of the door. The thieves appear to have entered and exited with the equipment through that door. They may have altered the lock or it may have been made by some tenants who occupied a room in the building.

Bob Allen said he believes the thieves were familiar with the restaurant and its contents as well as the daily routine of employees. The thieves removed the equipment from two wooden cases in which it had been installed.

Detective Brett Johnson, from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said he ran a search of Florida pawnshops for the equipment without positive results. He said the search was hampered by the fact the make and model of the television are not known.

He said investigators have followed through on two tips, including one involving a juvenile, both of which were dead ends.