Editorís note: Happy Endings is a column following up on successful adoptions arranged by the Franklin County Humane Society. Celia and Paul Herbert of Panama City adopted a pair of high-profile, special needs dogs from the humane society last year. The following is an update on the dogs and their new home.


Some of you may remember us, Dennis and Ralph, canine children belonging to Cynthia Green who was tragically taken away from us in Dec. 2012. We wanted to bring you up-to-date on where we are and how we are doing.

We would like to thank the Franklin County Humane Society for taking good care of us and finding our new parents. We live in Panama City Beach with Mom, Dad, four other dogs and six cats. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment. We had adjustments to make and it was slow-going in the beginning but we are doing well.

We have a very large fenced yard on which to run, roam and hide. We have a pool that we swim in during the warm weather. Our weights are up but the exercise keeps them under control. We visit the vet regularly and get our vaccinations on schedule. Mom allows us free reign of the house and all the children have beds and blankets of their own. We often trade just to make sure ourís is best.

We hope you wonít forget us or our first Mom. She was very important to us and we loved her very much. Please support the Franklin County Humane Society; give other dogs, and cats a good home.

Regards to all in Apalachicola and Carrabelle,

Dennis and Ralph